Eagle Roster for Troop 97


D. Lyons

E. Brown
Partnered with local fire department to install smoke alarms in low income areas of the fire district at no cost to the community.

A. Campbell
Installed metal trail marker signs at Arkabutla Lake.

M. Eccles
Replaced roof on Grace Church building

Z. Look
Coordinated with Army Corps of Engineers to build a youth duck hunting blind for Arkabutla State Park, and built two picnic tables.

S. Quon
Restored and repainted a bell tower and sign at Maples Memorial United Methodist Church.


J. Alinsub
Made handicap restorations to the Knights of Columbus Hall.

J. Barnes
Painted the youth room and replaced the ceiling tiles in youth room at my church.

B. Clippinger
Southaven Police Fallen K-9 Memorial in Saucier Park

S. Coffman
Constructed and placed a clothing dropbox at Boulevard Baptist Church for women and children items to benefit the Care Center in Southaven, MS.

T. Coffman
Installed Fencing and shrubs under Calvary Rescue Mission Sign near the street. Installed new sound system in Chapel at Calvary Rescue Mission.

J. Lancaster
I made improvements to the meditation grotto at St. Paul Catholic Church with the support of the Knights of Columbus. I installed an asphalt walking path and erected decorative lattice work to act as a sound barrier so people using the grotto would have a peaceful place to meditate.

N. Rust
Led fellow scouts in planning, constructing and installing a large stage for the youth at Hernando Baptist Church

C. Williams
Built four raised flower/vegetable beds for the Southaven Intermediate School Science Department. The Science Department uses the raised beds to teach the students how to grow their own food from seed to table.


P. Baxter
Planting of trees and shrubs and building benches at a Community Park.

J. Camp
Invested over 60 hours building 21 fish habitats for The Lakes of Nicholas subdivision community lake. The goal of the project was to prepare the lake for the arrival of new fish. The new habitats created an environment for the fish to survive and thrive. Thus creating years of enjoyment for the residents of the subdivision.

C. Harra
Built an outdoor life size station of the cross for Holy Trinity Catholic church in Azle, Texas. This consisted of 14 stations with benches for worshipers to have a quiet place to pray.

M. Kelly
Refurbished playground at Immanuel Baptist Church

Teddy Lander
Built and refurbished raised garden beds for St. Joseph Catholic Church in Holly Springs, MS.

Michael Marsh
Built six large wooden shelves for the House of Grace Thrift Store, which helps to support abused women. These shelves helped to better organize the store. A total of 90 man hours was spent on the project.


Branden Holly
Built storage shelves for Southaven Intermediate School for the use in their music department. He led a group of 17 workers to construct and assemble the two 8ft x 6ft x 2ft units that were then relocated to Southaven Intermediate School's music room. The project took a total of 174 service hours.

Erik Landry
Erik’s project was a deck that was built in the outdoor picnic area of Faith Lutheran Church in Collierville. The completion of the project has allowed the church to begin to use a previously unusable area for outdoor fellowship. The project took approximately 64 hours to complete

C. Meixsell
Chris’s Eagle project was a trophy case for his school, Desoto Central Middle School.

Alex Stringer
Alex organized and lead a team of 19 youth and adults to refurbish the tuba room at Southaven High School. He conducted fund-raising car washes and solicited for donations from local businesses. The refurbishment involved repairing and painting the walls in school colors and building a platform large enough to store and protect 16 instruments from water damage due to being stored on the floor. Alex and his team spent 209 service hours to complete the project.

Sam Wright
Samuel built bat houses for the Corp of Engineers at Arkabutla Lake. His project employed eight scouts, four friends and two adults for about 60 hours. After a year, the Corp reports they are inhabited. Mission accomplished!


Connor Monroe
Created and placed metal outdoor signs at Wall Doxey State Park near Holly Springs, to indicate trail heads and the upper and lower Boy Scout camping areas.

Parker Monroe
Organized and conducted a ceremony to dispose of many tattered American Flags, including one donated by the park ranger.

Zach McDonald
Planned and constructed a school playground for preschool children of teachers at Lake Cormorant High School.

Nathan Sprabery
Constructed a waterfall and pool to adorn the entrance to Wall Doxey State Park near Holly Springs MS.

Drew Wright
Constructed a set of four outdoor park benches to allow parishioners to sit outside at Broadway Baptist Church

Justin Solaas
Planned and constructed an 8-foot octagonal gazebo to shelter hikers on the trail at Wall Doxey state Park near Holly Springs MS.


Adam Kirchhoff
Constucted an outdoor chapel/campfire area at Wall Doxie State Park.

Dylan Clark
Constructed a 6-foot wooden privacy fence 138 feet long to separate the church property from a vacant home adjoining the property.

Reed Williams
Built a handicap-accessible deer blind at Arkabutla Lake.

Rob Jones
Built a raised flower bed in front of a bath house near the spillway at Arkabutla Lake.

Clayton Smith II
Built a memorial flower garden for fallen police officers at Southaven Police Department.

Jack Kelly
Cleaned up and refurbished a prayer garden at Sacred Heart catholic School

Chris Wimberly
Added shelving and construction at Olive Branch Food Pantry


Kyle Baker
Constructing a garden in front of a restroom facility at Arkabutla Lake campgrounds.


Logan Cook
Built and installed a large number of bluebird, bat, and wood duck houses and installed them in an area around Arkabutla Lake.

Michael Landry
Constructed an outdoor amphitheater at Arkabutla Lake for church services and other meetings.

Stephen Nevill
Built a number of fish habitats for Arkabutla Lake, using 5-gallon pails, concrete, and cedar limbs. The habitats were installed in a cove during a time when the lake was low.

Harris Wolf
Building a Duck Blind for Handicapped Hunters


Nick Billings
Repaired Gardens at Desoto County Alternative School Campus

Jake Dunaway
Organized a Benefit for Impact Missions.

Ryan Hunter McDurmon
Built a 26-foot long bridge at Palmer Home for Children

Jared Schnedorf IV
Cleared brush along a road that obscured visibility and increased risk of accidents

Richard Sims
Conducted a neighborhood storm drain cleaning and marking campaign

Taylor Wright
Construction project to remodel rooms for youth at Eudora Baptist Church.

Eric Jeter
Built a raccoon pen for the TN Commissioner of Wildlife.

Patrick Turbeville
Cleanup of dumped trash along Highway 51. This project collected about 80 large black garbage bags of trash.


Joey Ferris
Collecting Personal Items for Charity

Colin McNerny
(Info) Organized a ceremony to properly dispose of 97 US Flags

Reed Sprabery
(Info) Planted bushes and paving stones to beautify area around restrooms at Arkabutla State Park.

Jed Porter
(Info) Building Wood Duck Nesting Boxes

Josh Baker
(Info) Building a Duck Blind for Handicapped Hunters

Matt Wimberly
(Info) Planted vines and azaleas to control erosion and beautify the entrance to Arkabutla State Park.

William Lewis
(Info) Collecting food and money for Eudora Baptist Church Food Pantry


Asa Latham
Organized a Fundraiser Event at Skate Odyssey to Benefit the Ronald McDonald House

Ted Lyons
Cleaned and reconditioned the Courtyard at Immanuel Baptist Church

John Cole
Built 20 birdhouses and 2 park benches for Hermitage Gardens Nursing Home


Justin McMullin
Built 5 Lecturns for use at Longview Heights Baptist Church

TJ Esposito
Disposing of several US Flags in a Retirement Ceremony at the Mayor's House.


Paul Stroud
Benches around a Ball field at Church


Jeff Kent
(Info) benches around a fire ring at church

Cody Millican
(Info) prayer garden at church

Michael Cooper
(Info) Car Show and Fun Run to Benefit the American Cancer Society

Lon J McDurmon IV
(Info) A Wire Enclosure for a Red-Tailed Hawk


Joseph Neeley
(Info) Deer Stand for Handicapped Hunters


Lee Brewer
(Info) Repaired Horn Lake Soccer Assn Bldg and fence

Carey Worsham
(Info) Tree and Plant Identification Signs around Broadway Baptist Church


Jason Cowgill

Darren O’Brien


Britt Taylor

Christopher Watts

Jonathan Watts

Timothy Williams

Tony Wooten


John Albright

Chris Merritt


Don Brown

Jeremy Walls

Brent Mangum


Ashby Tillery

Brad Carter


Clark Mims

J Morgan Mims

Josh Hudson

James Hensley

Daniel Taylor
Rolled and stored small American flags for the National Cemetery in Memphis in preparation for their Memorial Day grave marking events.


Joseph A. Lee

Spencer R. Lee II

Matt Barmer

Robert Norman

John Carter


Samuel McDonald

Ben Wilkinson

Stephen Draffen


Brent Flanagan

Daniel P. Marshall


Roger McLemore

Marc T. Robinson

Ronald Keith Jeppe

Don Aycock

Daniel Roberson

William P. Abbay

Ben Carter


Michael J. Roberson

Daniel Hayles Cook

Preston Hatley

Robert Irwin Abbay

John Mark Draffen

Marvin Cox

Clay Goodnight

John Underwood

Dan Dugger


David Marshall

Tim Morton


Billy Crosno

Samuel Tip Draffen

Steve Marshall


Will Cox

Frank Hall

Richard McLemore

David E. Osborn

Brian K. Patterson


Bradley K. Jones


Scott Clarkson

Kenny J. Byrd

Kevin W. Leeke

Philip Stubblefield

David J. Holliday

Todd J. Rooks


Patrick Joyner

Brian Oxner

Mark Clarkson


Skipper Joyner

Robert Weathers


Luke Baldridge

Mike Newsome


Bill Newsome

Jeff Spears

Louie Valle

Richard Willard

Russ Woodard


Scott Crow

Danny Davenport

Mike Dixon

Tom Irwin

Mike Joyner


John Merritt


Tom Alexander

Whit Rier

Allen Vanlandingham

Bobby Benson

Doug Dixon

Dennis Allen

Steve Willard

Paul Childs Sr.

Joe Wartham Jr.

Mike Dailey

Jeff Mallette

Roger Sparkman

Sammy Cook


Del Curlin Jr.

Don Bullock

Mac Thomas

Joe Bledsoe


Joe Appling

Ricky Appling


Kenny Fisher

Randy Henderson

Wally Ridgeway

Jim Dawkins

Steve Grossner

Eric Himmelreich

Phil Ruleman

Danny Schult

Steve Ruleman


Brent Brewster

Ray Creswell

Line Hodges

David Himmelreich

Eddie Carter

Fred Grossner

Harry Howell

Bill Maynard


Sam Kent

John Webb

David Meeklin

Allen Carter

Doug Adair

Skippy Faller


Carver Callicott Jr.

Emmo Hein

Danny Cisco

Dennis Koen

Mike Dorrity

Earl Koen


Lars Conway

Ronald Croker


Rick Demetriov

Leonard Rovery Sr.

Leonard Rovery Jr.

Tommy Berryhill Sr.

Mike Brown

Jim Grove

Rusty Hodges

Elvin Perry

Tommy Simmons


Jack Bishop

Danny Childress

John Conway Jr.

Larry Nance

Buddy Osborn

Paul Perutelli

Larry Turner

John Payne III

Bobby Spears


Richard Hillyer

Alan Jones

Gene Wideman

Jimmy Moore

James Tunnell

Carrel Turner

Earl Childress


Fred Deen


Joe Stephens

Joe Willcox

Joe Dycus

David Hicks


Jerry Willcox

Audrey Osborn


Morris Blumenthal

Charlie Cargile

Jack Willcox


John Robertson

Ed Youngblood

Billy Moor


James Boggs

John Coletta

Ernest Maynard


Randall James

Dorris Goodman

Louis Pritchett

Robert Highgate

Charles Dollar

Harry Estes

Steve Stahl
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