W Lewis's Project

My project was to lead a group of scouts in collecting food, money, and shopping cards for the Eudora Baptist Church food pantry. The food was to be collected from local stores and neighborhoods. Once the donations were collected, they were delivered to the food pantry.

This project will benefit the Eudora Community by providing food for families that aren't financially able to afford it themselves. This will relieve some of the stress put on the family as they go through a tough time in their lives. Also, it will bring the community closer together by letting those people know there are people that care about them and their situation.

Plus, if the community suffers a natural disaster there will be supplies located at the pantry for use.

A table was set up at the local WalMart to collect cans. Only canned goods could be accepted by the food pantry, so that there is no spoilage.

After collecting food at the WalMart, the 13 scouts involved in the project canvassed two neighborhoods near the store collecting canned goods from generous families.

The project was completed between 5/3/08 and 5/4/08.

Here is a picture of our table setup at the WalMart: